Tripping The Mechanism  was born in Charleston S.C and brought into this realm after three music junkies got together and decided they wanted to start a religion, a family, a sanctuary from all the madness called life. Starting in 2006 and still currently raging up and down the east coast TTM is just as strong now as they were then and getting stronger still.


Cutter: Previous projects had him on the strings but when forming TTM something in him drove him to be a drummer. Now he considers that to be his primary instrument and one of the loves of his life.


Legion: Born with a guitar in his hand that is all Legion knows or cares to know. He channels his riffs from somewhere out there and lets the darkness compel him. He became the only guitarist that TTM needs.


Paisley: Playing the east coast in various bands she soon found herself switching between bass and guitar. When TTM called her to duty she decided that the bass was her weapon of choice.





Start The Evolution (LP)        2013

They Came to Destroy The Carolinas (compalation cd)      2014

Bite School  (movie sound track cd)  2015

Potestas Virtus  (EP)     2015

New LP coming summer 2016.....

                                                                               Video releases:

12 Labors of Hercules   2014

Eye to the Skies   2015